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Talk with other pole dancers and fitness lovers about your amazing accomplishments, or get helpful tips on the pole dancing tricks and techniques.

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Your body is already powerful, but let’s make your muscles stronger through intense workouts, conditioning, and gorgeous pole dance tricks and routines.

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The Fit2Flaunt app is designed for all levels. All you need to bring is your body, a clear mind, and a strong determination to learn.

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Fit 2 Flaunt Chrome Plated Portable Dance Pole Kit



Fit 2 Flaunt Pink Silicone Portable Dance Pole Kit



Fit2Flaunt Chrome Plated Portable Dance Pole

Chrome plating is the most common type of dancing pole out there – and there’s a reason for that.

With this exotic pole, dancers love it for its versatility. Whether you want to focus more on dancing or strength, this portable fitness pole has you covered. Because this stripper pole is specially designed to allow you to stick to the dancing pole without your skin catching, you’ll create movements that look slinky and flawless.

Fit2Flaunt Pink Silicone Portable Dance Pole

The pink pole exterior isn’t the only glamorous thing about this dancing pole. This is the ultimate professional dance pole for fitness.

Because of the silicone pole coating, you’ll have a better grip and will be able to do the pole exercises without slipping. Plus, with the silicone pole, you can wear whatever clothes you want – yes, even jeans or leggings, if that’s what you want! There’s no threat of slipping. Learn more...

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Fit2Flaunt Gives You a Fun & Immersive Fitness Experience

Fit2Flaunt offers an array of options to build upon the foundational skills before ever touching a pole.

● Gain confidence in your body
● Sculpt your muscles to perfection with HIIT
● Grow as a dancer with the floor work classes
● Achieve ultimate flexibility with our flexibility training
● Build a community of like minded people

Explore the movements of your body. Find your natural flow and bloom into something amazing.

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