How To Inside Leg Hang

How To Inside Leg Hang

Mastering Your Inside Leg Hang 

It’s time to get acquainted with the inside leg hang. 

This move is an intermediate pole dancing trick that looks graceful and amazing🔥

Plus, this gorgeous move is a pillar in any aerial pole routine because of its major versatility. 

If you’re ready to learn how to master your inside leg hang, keep reading. 

Here’s What NOT To Do When Learning To Inside Leg Hang

The inside leg hang can look beautiful, but it can also burn like crazy if you don’t do it right!

If you end up with some pole kisses across your thighs, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. 

Still, we want your pole tricks to be as painless as possible and still look breathtaking.😍

This is why you should be aware of what you’re doing before you even hop on your pole. 

It’s all about contact points.

Where skin touches the pole. 

Many pole dance students start by rushing into the move. They hop onto the top, go into an invert, push their hips up, and hook their inside leg.

In this position, you’ll be too vertical and straight.  

Remember, the more correct points of contact you have, the easier and safer your pole trick will be!

Try this instead…

Before We Get Started 

Learning pole dancing from home can be both freeing and limiting without the right support. 

That’s why we worked crazy hard to bring you the Fit2Flaunt app 😍

We’ve designed the Fit2Flaunt app so you can learn more than just pole tricks…

You get to learn the art of pole dancing more in-depth, with a variety of amazing classes for every skill level!


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Inside Leg Hang — Step-By-Step Tutorial 

Start by inverting

Inverting is a skill you should already have practiced before this tutorial. 

If you haven’t, no worries! 

Now is the perfect time to learn. 

Check out this tutorial on how to invert properly and safely.  

Remember, if this is your first time doing your invert, your abs will hurt a bit. That’s how you know you did it right!😄

When you’re comfortable, come back to this tutorial and show us what you can do

Time To Do Your Inside Leg Hang

You’ve become an invert pole dance pro, and now you’re ready to master the inside leg hang. 

We’re excited to teach you how it's done! 🔥

  1. Invert as shown in the video above. If you’re reading this, we’re going to assume you’ve already got your invert down.

  2. Your first contact point will be your side, right in between your hip and ribs. When you feel this connection is secure, hook your inside leg on the pole above you.

    You might be tempted to put your inner knee or hip joint onto the pole instead, but trust us, stick with your ankle! This will give you the best support!

  3. Squeeze your bent knee inward!

    Safety tip: pulling your outside foot towards the floor will secure this connection further!

  4. Release your hands and smile! You’re doing the inside leg hang!

Need more details? Watch this inside leg hang and outside leg hang tutorial and common mistakes to avoid. 


If you’re still having trouble with the inside leg hang, try this.

Inside leg hangs are extremely frustrating and can take lots of practice to make perfect. 

But with the Fit2Flaunt app, you can add this trick to your routine ASAP.

We have TONS of HIIT workouts and flexibility training classes available for all pole dance skill levels.

Plus you’ll even get to add this hot new move to the latest choreo routine 🔥 


Learn to pole dance from home with the Fit2Flaunt app. The Fit2Flaunt app has pole dance rountines, pole tutorials, chair dancing, floorwork, and more.


Still need help on your Inside Leg Hang? 

DM us on Instagram and we’ll give you some personalized tips & tricks

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