How To Do The Superman Pole Trick

How To Superman (Superman Pole Tutorial)

How To Do The Superman Pole Trick 

So, you want to know how to superman?

Great! If you’re here, it means you’ve practiced your beginner pole tricks and you’re ready to move onto something a little more intermediate.  

Keep this in mind…

Remember when you first did your pole sit and it hurt the inside of your legs?  

Well, you’ll feel the same with the superman pole trick

Don’t worry — it’ll only hurt for a little bit 😉 

You’re strong and you can do this. We believe in you!

Before You Learn The Superman

The superman pole dancing trick is extremely fun and versatile! 

In this article, we’ll be breaking down one of the easiest ways to transition into the superman, but there are SO many ways you can do this!

If you want an in-depth look into the superman, make sure to check out the Fit2Flaunt app.  

Plus, you’ll get to learn tons of other glamorous tricks too!🔥 


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Nail Your Superman — Step-By-Step Tutorial 


BY FAR the easiest way to get into your superman pole trick is tot start with the Jasmin.

By doing it this way, you will get the pole EXACTLY where it needs to be to minimize the pole rubbing on your legs.  

And eventually, the more you practice, the less and less it will hurt! 

If you haven’t done the jasmine yet, here’s how to do it

  1. Place the inside of your knee onto the pole and imagine you’re squishing a lemon with your leg. If your knee isn’t used to this, you might get a pole kiss or two 😘 They’ll fade in no time.

  2. Stay balanced. With your top hand, you’ll be pulling the pole toward you. With your bottom hand, use a pistol grip (finger down) to push the pole away. 

  3. Then, lift your bottom leg from the ground. 

    Psst…  The best place for the pole to contact your bottom leg is the crease between your thigh and pelvis.  


Now you’re in your jasmine😍

Transitioning from Jasmine to Superman

This is the fun part!  

Moving from one pole dancing move to another can seem hard at first, but we already know you’re going to do amazing.

  1. When you feel comfortable, open your top hand and push away from the pole. Practice this a few times until you’re a natural.

  2. Lower your bottom leg (this step is CRUCIAL to minimizing pain!)

  3. Bring your top knee toward your face as close as you can, releasing the grip your upper thigh has on the pole. 

  4. Twist your hips so the front of your body begins to face the floor. As you turn more, you can grip onto the pole with your top hand again.

  5. Arch that back and smile😄! You’re in the superman!

The transition can be nerve-wracking at first.  

Trust us, we know — we’ve all been there! 

But the more you practice, the more seamless it will look 🔥

Tips For How to Superman

Tip 1 💕  

Do not bring your hips up until you’ve pushed away with your top hand and lowered your bottom leg.

This will cause the insides of your legs to burn as your skin rubs on the pole, and no one likes painful legs 🤕 

Tip 2 💕  

Just like when you’re in your pole sit, you want to twist your hips at an angle.

This will give you extra grip so you won’t slip 💅🏾

Tip 3 💕   

Feel like you’re slipping too much? 😬

Make sure your skin is in contact with the pole.  Wash off any lotion.  And ensure that you’re using extra grip on your legs and hands if you need it.

Tip 4 💕 

Practice along on the Fit2Flaunt app 💖
Get tons of amazing transitions into your superman, and discover why thousands love this pole dancing app!

For a step by step tutorial of how to do the superman - watch the video below. 



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