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YES! Poling is an all-inclusive sport. Regardless of flexibility, strength, age, shape, or size, poling will get you in the best shape of your life. Pole dancing is a full-body workout. It is resistance training and cardio in one, and flexibility will improve naturally well. Download our app for flexibility videos.
The fit to flaunt collection is a wonderful way to bring out your inner flaunter! It works great with the chrome. If you are looking for something simpler than a standard Sport bra and shorts would go great!

Fit to flaunt does not offer in person lesson. However, our sister company, “Exotic Workouts” offers in-person lessons at three south Florida locations. Check them out! F2F is currently working on pole retreats where you’ll get in-person lesion from the f2f instructors.

This is the time to reach out to our flaunter community in the fit 2flaunt app. Their are amazing athletes like yourself that are willing to support you in any way! Upload a video and a question.

This is such a common question that we get. Our pole grip is great to help with this problem. It’s formulated with durability and strength, and great for novice to expert level. Check it out! If you find you are using too much pole grip, then it may be time to get your hands on a silicone pole from our store.

You can reach out 7 days a week
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