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Fit 2 Flaunt Chrome Plated Portable Dance Pole Kit


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Fit 2 Flaunt Chrome Plated Dance Pole 

Descriptions/Features: Our fitness poles are chrome plated & beautifully designed for a VERY user-friendly experience. Pole fitness is a rising sport that many women like you are choosing to train with. This pole is designed to ensure you get the most out of your training sessions with our Fit2Flaunt APP.
Inside Box:
• Tool kit
• 2 Primary poles (“A” & “B”)
• 2 pole extensions (125 mm & 250mm)
• 1 adjustment rod cover
• O-ring
• 1 Top pole base (Square shaped)
• 1 Bottom Pole base (Square shaped)
• Mode: Spinning or static (Locking key included)
• Max Weight Load: rated for 150 kg / 330 pounds.
• Pole diameter: 45mm
• Standard Pole Height: 7’ 4” to 9’

Our poles are tension mounted, and very easy to install. The standard pole kit (Photo on left) comes with everything you need to install on ceilings up to 9 ft.

Please know your exact ceiling height BEFORE placing your order.

• The standard pole kit will fit ceilings 7ft 4in to 9ft with the included extensions, our pole can be
extended up to 12 feet with additional extensions.


Extensions can be added to your pole order in the dropdown below. Extensions for the higher ceiling must be purchased separately.

Due to high shipping costs, all sales are final sale.  Your order will be processed and your tracking number will be sent to you within 2 business days of placing your order. (Please remember to check your spam folder). However, please reach out to us via email at if you have any questions.

• Our pole can be installed on Standard floors such as carpet, tile, i.e. a flat horizontal surface. The poles can be installed on horizontal ceilings such as popcorn ceilings and flat ceilings, as of now, we do not have any pole options for vaulted ceilings.



Weight 31 lbs

36 reviews for Fit 2 Flaunt Chrome Plated Portable Dance Pole Kit

  1. 1992flows (verified owner)

    I bought my pole on Monday & received it Thursday, fastest shipping ever! & especially considering what’s going on I was pleased to get my pole so quickly. Installation was easy! And customer service is A1!!!!!! I had so many questions & Shelly answered all of them. I also use the fit2flaunt app & I love it

  2. Sirimar Astacio

    I bought my Pole and Gliders and so easy to install! The app is amazing, I am impress with everything

  3. Aesha Shaheed


  4. Shirneisha Murdock (verified owner)

    I have to say I was completely shocked at what I got for the price I paid. To start with the quality of the item is phenomenal. Once you install it you could actually feel the security from the first spin. I’m not a small woman, I’m 289 lb and I’m 5-8. I really felt there was no pole that could actually hold me without being bolted in. This poll can. The installation was pretty easy but I had to learn how to install the extension that I bought for my ceiling. But even when I reached out to the company it was very easy. They have a chat on the website. The quality of the metal is what I really appreciate there’s a beautiful finish and quality. I don’t take it down because it looks so nice in my living room. It goes great with the app. Not to mention the fact that I have carpet. I was actually pretty worried about that but because the price was so great I took a chance and I’m glad I did. Everything works perfectly and I literally have no complaints which is very rare.

  5. Sílvia

    Great instructor

  6. Brittany (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I had a really bad experience with this company. I waited way longer than I should have for my order, granted it was pre order, but the dates continuously got pushed back, and when communicating with the owner I was told multiple times different expected shipping dates. After finally receiving my order the pole does not fit to my ceiling even though my ceiling is measured within the height requirements. It’s too short without the extension and too long with the extension. After realizing this I went to ask about refund and exchange policies and there is none. Order is final sale. Honestly the biggest purchase disappointment I’ve experienced. I really hate to leave a bad review, but unfortunately this company has given no options to fix my order. Will never buy here again or recommend.

    • admin

      Hi Brittany, you are correct the poles were 7 days delayed due to shipping complications that were a result of the pandemic we are going through. When you asked about the refund policy you never mentioned you were having difficulties setting up your pole. Once I learned of this , through your review, I did reach out to you and Im happy I was able to assist you through Face Time and that we were able to figure out you weren’t using the adjustment rod. You were very happy when we ended the call and I hope you’ll leave an updated review <3 . thanks for giving F2F a try 😡

  7. rene

    Wow this is amazing, I’ve had a regular dance pole and now i just got this silicone pink pole. I don’t slip, I don’t need grip i dont even understand why they make the other poles. I can do so much more with this one. I’m so freaking in love with this pole!!!!!! Thanks shelly.

  8. keishaisaacs101 (verified owner)

    PURCHASE THIS POLE! This is not my first pole but I wish it had been. The install was perfect and the YouTube video is the perfect cherry on top. The pole also has a slight grip to it and the square bases are a nice touch. Don’t forget to get the Fit2Flaunt app too! It’s like having a personal studio and teacher in your home.

    • admin

      Yay!! Thanks so much!! We love reading happy reviews <3

  9. Caroline (verified owner)

    Took less than a week for me to receive the pole after I ordered! My friend’s boyfriend set it up (though I could have done it myself!) and kept raving about how easy it was and how clever the design is! My friend and I played on it for hours and it feels so secure — even through casts, drops, and doubles tricks! Everyone else has said it, but I’ll say it again: the customer service is incredible: I had a question about shipping and got a message from Shelly herself soon after I sent it. Shelly clearly works tirelessly to create an amazing product and experience for her customers and it shows! I cannot recommend this pole enough; I’m so happy.

    • admin

      Caroline thank you so much for sharing your experience! We are so happy to hear that everything went great <3

  10. Madison (verified owner)

    I just got my pole a couple of weeks ago and it is so easy to install. I LOVE THIS POLE AND THE FIT2FLAUNT APP. If you are thinking about purchasing a pole and/or learning how to use it, Fit2Flaunt was made for you! BUY THIS POLE NOW!!

  11. Gina

    Top notch product and customer service!! Blazing fast shipping!

  12. Whitney Bianca (verified owner)

    I’m so incredibly impressed with Fit2Flaunt and highly recommend this company! I bought the chrome pole for my home. Placed the order late Saturday afternoon and received my package last Thursday. Today my Dad came to help me install and all parts were present and in perfect condition. I’m a pole newbie and I had just started taking studio classes since before Covid hit so I’m super happy to have this in home option to continue learning and having fun. Also, the customer service and communication was super fast and helpful. Thanks!

    • admin

      Yayy! We are so happy to hear that! <3

  13. amanda (verified owner)

    I’ve had this pole for months now, I have had little to no problems and thankfully I didn’t become those viral videos when the pole and the person fall over. Shelly is available at almost anytime. The pole is sturdy the instructions are clear and fail-proof. The pole is easy to clean and work with. I LOVE the bottom plate the most, and the top plate as well. Any chance I get I recommend this pole and the app to everyone (well if I’m being honest it’s also when i’m not given the cance lol) it is definitely one of my most prized possessions.

  14. Camryn (verified owner)

    pole is sturdy and just PERFECT! Just buy it, you wont regret it 🙂

    • admin

      Thank you so much! We are so happy to hear that! <3

  15. CJ (verified owner)

    Greatest pole to get for home use! Also would recommend using the fit2flaunt app ive learned several
    New tricks and skills.The pole was easy to set up & Shelly is the sweetest 🙂

    • admin

      Yay!! Thank you so much! <3

  16. sherry gonzalez

    Trust is everything and I can sincerely and honorable say you can TRUST SHELLY and Her Amazing Supportive Products to help you evolve into a better version of yourself. Whether it is for confidence; sensuality; or physical betterment…You can achieve it all. Shelly has a massively supportive heart and she genuinely cares for her followers and purchasers of her products. I have family that have literally blossomed because of Shelly’s Support and Professional Guidance. I look forward to everyone’s success with Shelly’s Fit 2 Flaunt program!!!!!

  17. Arkita Gary


  18. Jolie M

    I live in Germany and was sad at first because I thought that the Pole could not be delivered. I then wrote an e-mail and received a very nice reply in a very short time and she did not forget to email me the shipping costs again. I am mostly skeptical about websites from abroad, but this service and the quick response shows their reliability.!!

  19. Sereniti (verified owner)

    OMG! I am addicted to my F2F pole!!! I have had it for just under a month and the combination of the pole with Shelly’s F2F app, I have been seeing incredible progress in a short amount of time!!! I am truly impressed am so grateful for Shelly’s work in helping me achieve my pole dreams

  20. Veronica

    First of all Shelly is so dope!!! Love how supportive she is and love how she interacts with us flaunters!
    The pole is awesome!
    I have poles from several different companies and use my f2f pole the most. Very easy to put up, sturdy and I really love the square top and bottom plates …it looks so sleek! Pole arrived well packed and on time.
    I’m going to now purchase some outfits!!
    Also Download the app to help with your pole journey ❤️❤️

  21. Mariah (verified owner)

    Very sturdy pole, with fast processing, shipping and delivery. I took off one star though because it can be VERY difficult to disassemble the pole if you’re moving. I’ve tried everything and I can’t get my pole to come undone. I reached out and was sent a video and when that didn’t work the person helping me reached out to Shelly who insisted that there’s no way for the poles to be stuck and told us to hire a handyman. So, if you get this pole, be sure you have strong enough hands or someone to undo it for you (and that you can afford that). A bit disappointed that a product created for and targeted towards women can not be properly disassembled by a (every) woman alone. Overall, great product, but that’s something potential buyers should keep in mind.

  22. Brandi (verified owner)

    I had pre ordered my pole – arrived within the window it said it would , had a little hiccup with it but super easy to assemble and the owner Shelly is attentive and customer service goes above and beyond . I am so happy I found this company and look forward to learning and progressing with the wonderful app and help of Shelly .. 10 stars – HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  23. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I was really excited to order and support a woman owned company, when I ordered my pole the site said there were 5 chrome poles available and restock early March. It’s been three weeks and the only update I’ve recieved is the label has been created. When I called UPS they said that they still haven’t received any shipment. I used the only way of contact to the company that I see on this site( messaging) and recieved very vague responses and that it should be shipped any day now. I’m wondering at this point if they forgot about my pole. Really wanted to love this company as I’ve seen YouTube and she seems super personable but at this point I have yet to recieve any updates and by the time I (hopefully) get it, it will have been a month of waiting.. not sure it’s worth the wait at this point … :/

    • admin

      Hi Elizabeth, thank you so much for choosing F2F! When you ordered your pole on March 7, you placed a pre order. The stock quantity was showing you how many poles were available for that specific shipment. I’m sorry if it caused confusion. I just emailed you a copy of all the text message notifications I sent you informing you of your order status and the delay. Our products arrived much later than the date we were given which is what resulted in the delays. It was completely out of our control :-(. We would never intentionally not send poles out. We are working diligently to catch up and ship out all orders. Thanks so much for your support! <3

  24. Logan (verified owner)

    I have both the chrome and silicone pole and love them! I’d be remiss if i didn’t mention the shipping… it took 2 months to get both of them. I ordered them a few months apart so i was hoping the shipping would improve the second time around 😭. Nonetheless, great pole and great service!

  25. Nekiesha Simmons

    Just put my pole up and I’m very happy with it AND the amazing customer service! I wanted to switch my order from the silicone pole to the chrome one and Shelly (the owner) let me know it was no issue and even included a bottle of pole grip to make up the difference in price! Putting the pole up was fairly easy; I suggest you read the instructions then watch the YouTube video on the Fit2Flaunt Channel when putting the pole up. I’ve already tested it with a few basic spins and holds and it did not budge at all. I feel very comfortable on this pole. It’s very secure, the seams where you join the parts are smooth, and I’m so happy I made this purchase!!!! 💜

  26. Ciera J (verified owner)

    First things first, it is my honor to support a black business specifically a FEMALE black business! I ordered my pole with extensions and made sure to measure my ceiling as advised on 6/4/21. I received my pole on 6/9/21 so processing and shipping was fairly quick. My boyfriend installed my pole this past Sunday on July 4th only because we have both been so busy and I am so excited to put this baby to use. It was fairly easy to install with the directions given and watching the YouTube video. I’ve been wanting to get into pole fitness for some time now and now it’s time to put in work! I AM IN LOVE!! I’d highly recommend purchasing your pole from Shelly!! I’ve never met her in person but I can tell she is genuine and passionate about her business. Thank you Shelly!! Stay blessed queen✨👑

  27. Alani Potter (verified owner)

    My pole came in less then 7 days & it is really great quality. I did end up falling down with the pole after the first install , but I think it wasn’t tight enough for my 200 pounds maybe . I reinstalled and haven’t had any trouble just yet , I look forward to progressing in my pole journey using this pole.

  28. Oriana (verified owner)

    I am in love with this pole ! It is super sturdy, And overall just perfect! I was a little confused with the instructions but the fit2flaunt team reached out to me in less than an hour ! Also my pole came in less than a week. If you want a good quality pole that would last long Fit2flaunts pole is it !

  29. tasia (verified owner)

    my whole process with F2F has been nothing short of pleasant. shipping was very fast and they were attentive to every issue i had. setting up the pole was very easy and straightforward. i admire how they have youtube vids for everything like common issues while setting up the pole. i appreciate their dedication to ensure that our experience with everything flows smoothly. the quality of the pole is amazing as well, it’s super sturdy and the finish is beautiful. you will not be disappointed!

    • Staffadmin

      Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We appreciate this feedback so much. 💜

  30. Ness (verified owner)

    I bought a chrome pole in February 2022 and the delivery was quick and smooth. The package is about 30 lbs like the description says and is long so it would be helpful to have a friend or family help you bring it in your home. I have a ~7’4″ ceiling so I didn’t need extensions. Whatever questions I had about my pole set up were answered quickly and diligently by email! There is also a helpful assembly video on Youtube. Tips I’d have for buyers is to get a stud finder. Like the assembly video on YouTube says, you want your pole under a beam and you want your pole to be straight or it’ll not be stable. Another tip is to ensure that your base on static mode. My jiggled a little when I was assembling it so I tightened the screws at the base with the L key (clockwise motion). Anyways having this pole has been a great experience so far and I hope you enjoy yours!

    • Staffadmin

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! We are so grateful for your support!💜

  31. Alana (verified owner)

    I bought a chrome pole from F2F for my apartment last April. A year later, I’m back to share how happy I am that I made this purchase. As a former athlete, it’s been awesome finding a new and creative way to challenge myself and stay fit. But what I appreciate most about my pole journey is that is has truly helped me tap into my sensuality and grow my confidence. If you’re already here and you’re considering getting your own pole from F2F, do it! You won’t regret it!

    • Staffadmin

      Omg!! Thank you so much for your feedback. We are forever grateful for you!! 💜

  32. Holly Lloyd (verified owner)

    Im in with love with my new pole ! i have to remind myself to take days off !😂 It’s easy to put up and take down, and it stays mounted without being bolted in ! And when it was my first time putting my pole up, i had some trouble and i reached out to costumer service through email and they helped me get it figured out in such a timely manner! ever since i’ve gotten my own pole i’ve seen so much growth in my pole journey and i can’t wait to continue to advance !

    • Staffadmin

      Awwwwee thank you so much! We are so excited for your journey. Go for it! 😍🔥🔥🔥

  33. Kayla Wright (verified owner)

    First I want to say that shipping was so quick😭 within an hour or so of placinh my order it was out shipping. Upon receiving my package or was very easy to install..I did have a few hiccups because I don’t follow directions well😂, but overall very easy . Customer service is awesome and I like how they checked up on me and my progress and asked if I needed any help while also provido the help with some techniques I was having trouble doing. Overall 10/10 for me❤️❤️

    • Staffadmin

      We are so grateful for your support! 😍💜💜💜

  34. Nubia (verified owner)

    this pole has became a big part of my life now. I was going through a tough time last year and felt like I needed an escape, I decided to purchase the fit2flaunt pole last year and it has saved me in so many ways. I feel so blessed to have something so sacred and I’m also so blessed to be apart of such a loving community! it’s all so worth it.

    • Staffadmin

      We are delighted to know that. Thank you so much for choosing Fit2Flaunt! 💜💜

  35. Violet Clark (verified owner)

    I bought this pole to help boost my confidence and feel more sexy about myself. Little did I know this pole changed my whole life. Let’s start off with how I got to meet the amazing owner herself and she is extra energetic and it feels refreshing to meet her. I purchased my pole and starting working out and built more core muscles and I’ve actually learned how to pole using one hand. Something I thought I would never be able to do. Downloading her app helped me out a lot with learning new tricks and practicing freestyles. And not to mention setting up the pole was easy and I actually got a few friends to purchase pole and do it with me and shipping was super smooth. This woman works extremely hard at what she does and provides amazing customer service and I highly recommend her to everyone. She even does Instagram lives where you can join and follow and ask questions on how to do a move. Don’t believe me? Look on my Instagram page and see my whole progress with working out on the poles from Fit2flaunt @Pinkivy007 on Instagram. Size doesn’t matter either this pole is very strong and sturdy. I’ve gone upside and everything on this pole. I most definitely will be buying more of these poles and the pink silicone one. I hope you guys find my review helpful.

    • Staffadmin

      Wow!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! You are amazing! 😍👏🏽👏🏽
      We are forever grateful for your support! 💜🔥

  36. Nacole (verified owner)

    I love my poles. I have both the chrome and silicone poles. They are very good and sturdy. Shipping was fast as well ordered on a Friday night and pole arrived Wednesday. I would definitely recommend.

    • Staffadmin

      Thank you for your review! We are so glad that you love your poles. We are so grateful for your support! 💜💜

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