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Fit 2 Flaunt Light Pink Peanut Roller Massage


The peanut roller is a uniquely designed mobilizing tool that offers the same
myofascial benefits as the foam roller and localized pressure of the lacrosse
ball. The “peanut” shape of the roller is perfect for mobilizing the muscle
along either side of the spine yet avoiding direct pressure on the spine itself
• INJURY PREVENTION: Tight muscles and trigger points limit
functional mobility and can increase risk for injury. The Massage Ball
Set reduces injury risk by improving flexibility through maximizing soft
tissue pliability and muscular blood flow.
• Peanut is 5” L x 2.5” W, Ball is 2.5” L x 2.5” W
• All colors have the same density for choice
• EXTREME DURABILITY: Manufactured with silicone and tough
enough to endure the daily wear and tear from any athlete or Physical
Therapy clinic.
• ATHLETICS: The Massage Ball is the perfect piece of equipment for
athletes. From Football to Yoga our myofascial release tools will
provide the perfect blend of comfort and durability to meet all of your
training needs.
• This split peanut-shaped massage ball is a perfect design to get to those
hard-to-reach stabilizing muscles that surround your spine and vertebrae
without applying pressure on them as you lay on it.

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Fit 2 Flaunt Premium Peanut! Muscle Roller Massage

Weight 0.69 lbs

Light Blue, Light Pink, Purple

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