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The Ultimate Pole Dancing Guide: What to Wear to Pole Dancing Class

Embarking on your pole dancing journey is a thrilling experience. You’re already nervous about so many other things; let us ease your mind with what to wear for your pole dancing class. This guide will not only help you understand the importance of proper attire but also define what constitutes the perfect pole dancing outfit.

Why the right Pole Dancing Attire Matters

Choosing the right clothing for your pole dancing classes is crucial for a successful experience. Ill-fitting attire can hinder your grip on the dance pole, limit movement, and make executing dance routines challenging. Moreover, comfort plays a significant role, allowing you to focus on dancing rather than your appearance.

Incorporating your unique style into your attire is the fun part and can really make choosing your pole dancing outfit enjoyable. We have tons of fun, vibrant, and affordable pole wear at Fit2Flaunt. Check out our collection and enhance your pole dancing journey effortlessly.

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Dance Pole Attire 

Pole dancing is more than just an art form; it's a form of calisthenics where you utilize your own body weight as resistance. This unique aspect makes it the ideal full-body workout. As emphasized earlier, understanding what to wear for your pole dancing class can make or break your overall experience.

Choosing the Right Top

Sports bras and tank tops are every pole dancer’s first choice. They provide all the support you need to make sure you can focus on learning versus feeling uncomfortable due to inadequate top support. 

For beginners, opting for a longer shirt or covering up the sports bra is entirely acceptable. However, as you progress into more advanced techniques, shorter shirts become essential, ensuring that your sides are exposed. This exposure is crucial as it serves as an important point of contact for numerous intermediate skills.

Selecting the Ideal Bottoms

If you’re just starting off, you might not be comfortable flaunting the cute bikini bottoms you see all over Instagram…yet. The great news is they aren’t mandatory for you to have a fun experience and a good grip on the dance pole.

Because you’ll be focusing on pole spins such as the fireman and sunkist when you’re first starting, capri pants or leggings will give you all the grip you need on the dance pole. As you progress and begin working on skills that require more points of contact, you’ll need to switch to shorts for safety and enhanced grip.

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Deciding on Footwear: Shoes or No Shoes

Choosing between bare feet and pole shoes is a personal preference, and both are perfectly fine. Some dancers prefer bare feet because dancing with heels is more challenging and adds more weight for you to lift. Others prefer dancing in pole shoes as a form of expression. It’s a big confidence booster and it helps bring out your alter ego on your dance pole.

Experiment with both to determine what feels best for you. Relax and be prepared to be blown away by how much fun you have. BEWARE: Pole dancing is very addictive, You’ve been warned 😅


Need To Know

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know about picking out your first few pole dancing outfits, let's talk about some other Need to know tips for your first class. 

No oils, lotions or moisturizers 

Wearing any type of oil or lotion will completely limit your ability to grip the dance pole and ruin your experience. It is extremely important that when you refrain from using any of these items the day you'll be poling unless you plan to shower right before. 


Rubbing alcohol is a pole dancer’s best friend. It’s used to clean your dance pole, and your hands when they get sweaty. It is totally normal to clean your pole several times during your dance session. 

Pole Grip 

There are many different type of pole grips to assist you with maintaining the perfect grip on the pole. In the beginning alcohol will be sufficient so don't worry. Just like with everything else, as you progress you'll inevitably try different ones to see which one works for you. We offer a pole grip that completely dries your  hands out when practicing.  

There are other grips that are more sticky and are great to use in contact points like your elbows or behind your knees. Trying different ones will help you find the perfect combination for your individual pole dancing journey. 

You can do it! 

Lastly, and most importantly. Thi is your reminder that it's completely norma  for you to feel anxious and unsure as you don't know what to expect. With the Fit2Flaunt App we guide you step by step with your pole dancing journey and completely take out all of the guesswork. 

We have a first timers section dedicated to providing you all the support you need to get started on your pole dancing journey. Our easy to follow, and detailed tutorials have helped thousands of pole dancers around the world learn to pole dance right from the comfort of their home. 

As always, Happy Poling Flaunter!  Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions , concerns or even if you just need a few words of encouragement,

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