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Fit 2 Flaunt Pink Silicone Portable Dance Pole Kit


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Fit 2 Flaunt Pink Silicone Pole 

Our Silicone coated dance pole kit is perfect for students with extremely sweaty hands or students who want to focus primarily on the sportier side of pole fitness.

Descriptions/Features: This Pink pole is silicone coated and beautifully designed for a VERY user-friendly experience. Pole fitness is a rising sport that many women like you are choosing to train with. This pole is designed to ensure you get the most out of your training sessions with our Fit2Flaunt APP. This pole is an excellent choice for women with naturally sweaty hands, using too much pole grip, or just want to focus more on the athletic part of pole fitness without slipping.
Inside Box:
• Tool kit
• 2 Primary poles (“A” & “B”)
• 2 pole extensions (125 mm & 250mm)
• 1 adjustment rod cover
• O-ring
• 1 Top pole base (Square shaped)
• 1 Bottom Pole base (Square shaped)
• Mode: Spinning or static (Locking key included)
• Max Weight Load: rated for 150 kg / 330 pounds.
• Pole diameter: 45mm
• Standard Pole Height: 7’ 4” to 9’
• Our poles are tension mounted, and very easy to install. The standard pole kit (Photo on left) comes with everything you need to install on ceilings up to 9 ft.
• The standard pole kit will fit ceilings 7ft 4in to 9ft with the included extensions, our pole can be extended up to 12 feet with additional extensions. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR CEILING BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER, as so to include your needed extensions. They can be added to your pole order in the dropdown below.
Ceiling/ floor types:
• As of now, we do not have any pole options for vaulted ceilings, but it is something we are working
on with our engineering team.
• Our pole can be installed on Standard floors such as carpet, tile, i.e. a flat horizontal surface. The poles can be installed on horizontal ceilings such as popcorn ceilings and flat ceilings.
Due to high shipping costs, all sales are final sale. However please reach out to us

Weight 31 lbs

12 reviews for Fit 2 Flaunt Pink Silicone Portable Dance Pole Kit

  1. TaShawnda Pickens

    I love this site im new to the pole world its always been something I wanted to do thanks fit 2 flaunt

    • admin

      We are so happy to be a part of your journey ! <3

  2. Cynthia


  3. Kala lowery


  4. Liz (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this pole, shipping was hella fast and amazing. Customer service phenomenal. And the app is everything! Also, Shellys’ energy is so wonderful and her videos are so greatt!!!

  5. emmaleigh (verified owner)

    My mom has been a professional dancer for quite some time and decided to order the silicone pole for me. Customer service has been exceptional, and I cannot wait to start my pole journey! Thank you fit2flaunt!

  6. Luna (verified owner)

    Just got my pole today and it is so amazing. I was showing my partner how to use it and he was having so much fun. I love the silicone coat because my hands gets so sweaty ! Overall I’m so thrilled with this purchase..

  7. Amber (verified owner)

    Pole is amazing !! I love it . I’m so glad i bought this pole & it was definitely worth the wait

  8. Arkita Gary

    I want this so bad I love to please my man he is so deserving

  9. Serena Teng (verified owner)

    I don’t hate it but I also don’t love it. It works! Very stable and spins great! But in my personal experience with the pink silicone pole it hurts to use and it is very very thick. I can’t really practice on it as well as a regular pole which defeats the purpose of me buying it but other than that it really does work. I have mine on carpet and it does not budge at all. If I could go back, I would definitely buy the regular pole over the silicone pole. 🙁 I’m not using it as much as I’d like to which makes me sad.

    • Staffadmin

      Hi Serena, I’m so sorry that you’re not using your silicone pole as much. The silicone is intended more so for conditioning and for people who sweat profusely. The extra grip makes it much easier in those use cases. I’ll send you an email to see how we can help 🙂

  10. nyc

    I love the idea of xtra sticky! I can’t wait for mine to come in the mail! woo.

  11. Ariel

    I am OBSESSED with this pole! I can’t believe I actually waited this long to order it but when I did, they were SOOOOO quick to respond & so helpful! It took my pole about a week or less to get to me! Which is so fast! The instructions are top tier & fitsbyshelly even helped out tremendously by including a video on YouTube installing step by step! A great price for a great pole, very easy set up! I plan on getting the chrome one next so I can have 2! Whatever is holding you back from getting your own pole, let this be your sign to JUST GET IT! 😁🤣💜💜

  12. Jordan D’Nelle

    I am OBSESSED! The team helped me when I was struggling putting it up. But easy to do as a single woman! Spins great!

    • Staffadmin

      We appreciate you taking your time to write us positive feedback! Thank you so much! 💜💜

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