Dance Pole

What is dance pole?

A dance pole is a vertical pole that is used in pole dancing, a form of fitness and artistic dance that involves performing acrobatic and dance moves while using the pole as a prop. Dance poles are typically made of stainless steel or brass and come in various diameters and heights to accommodate different skill levels and spaces.

Dance poles can be installed in homes, fitness studios, or dance clubs, and are often used by individuals looking for a fun and challenging way to improve their strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. In addition to fitness benefits, pole dancing is also a popular performance art form, and many professional pole dancers compete in international competitions and showcase their skills in live performances.

dance pole pink silicone

Fit 2 Flaunt Pink Silicone Portable Dance Pole Kit

-Easy installation
-Static and spin funtionality
-Works on carpet
-Pole extensions for tall ceilings
-Renter friendly

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